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DGRA is located in Petojo, Central Jakarta, a very strategic location, near to all Government and all Business District in Jakarta. DGRA building has many colors in it's front design as a sysmbol of DGRA philosophy of colors that representing it's passion, it's energy, it's commitment, it's happiness, it's optimism, it's enviroment caring and it's creativity in every way of thinking.
In the lobby of its office, DGRA has a simply and cozy retail printing store with full high speed wifi, to serve all printing needs of many clients from personal to corporates. With warm and friendly atmosphere from all DGRA retail officer as a part of our excellent services, many of DGRA clients are feeling very comfortable to come in our store, to print their needs and events. DGRA retail printing store also using open kitchen philosophy in our document printing production, so the clients can see all the production process transparently to meet clients deadline. 

DGRA Printing Building

Ruang produksi A3

DGRA Printing Store

Sample Printing Room 

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